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Ipourlife LifeStrengths USA

I Pour Life is a nonprofit organization based in Springfield, Missouri that equips and empowers people to overcome extreme poverty and its devastating effects. They do this by helping individuals discover and understand how their unique talents for a trade and natural thinking strengths can be used for the good. It is this guiding belief in others that has allowed I Pour Life to give a hand up to women and youth in El Salvador and Ethiopia, and it’s this same belief in others that has inspired I Pour Life’s new local initiative, LifeStrengths USA.

LifeStrengths USA is a 6-month personal development program offered in cooperation with local agencies that serve youth in Springfield, Missouri. This program offers homeless and at-risk youth the opportunity to discover their unique talents and turn those talents into strengths. Through one-on-one relationships with volunteer coaches from the local community, youth are shown how to use their strengths for the good, not only in their personal life, but also in their community. These relationships and new found strengths help them to understand that their past does not define their future and gives them a new direction and plan for success.

For a while, we’ve wanted to have a way to have a greater impact on our community so when we heard our friends at I Pour Life were starting their LifeStrengths program, we knew that we wanted to take part. Through strategic partnerships and the support of local leaders there is now an amazing opportunity to change the lives of those in need of a second chance. We’re proud to add this cause to our giving options, meaning you can now choose to give 20% to I Pour Life’s local initiative, LifeStrengths USA, with each purchase at

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