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I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but things have been quiet at the Take Heart camp lately. Sorry about that! Over the last few months, we’ve received a lot of emails asking about when we’ll have new products or restock old ones. If you sent one of those, thanks for caring. The short answer is “I’m not sure.”

We have a few things brewing, but we’re not sure when we’ll have things ready to sell on the website. If there’s something you’d like to see us produce or bring back from the archives, comment on this blog post or contact us and let us know. With enough requests, you might be able to get us off our butts and back to work.

We haven’t been completely lounging around, though. G.O. (Take Heart’s co-owner) and I have a big project in the works. Real big. When I started Take Heart in 2013, it was for the simple purpose of using my skills and resources to give and inspire others to give. It wasn’t about t-shirts, patches, pins, and sweatshirts. That was just the means to an end. For that reason, we’ve always held Take Heart with loose hands. We worked our butts off to grow Take Heart because it was the best tool we had to give to the causes we cared most about. Now, we’re planning on doing something completely different, but with the same goal. In the summer of 2016, we’re planning on riding bikes across the United States, New York to Seattle. Along the way, we’re aiming to raise over $50,000 for I Pour Life’s women’s empowerment program in Ethiopia. If we hit our goal, we’ll be able to send fifty women through a ten-month program that will break cycles of poverty in their lives and their children’s lives. In three months, we could give more than Take Heart has in three years. Obviously, an endeavor like this requires a lot of preparation and work in advance. So that’s what we’re up to, if you’ve been wondering. You can learn more about this project at rideforkorah.com

Take Heart isn’t dead. Just taking a little nap. We don’t know what the future holds for it, but we have a good idea of what we should be doing right now. We’re still a few weeks away from being able to share details about the ride and collect donations, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to fill you in before then. My hope is that this encourages you to find your own ways to give more. Evaluate your skills, interests, and resources and consider how you can do more to feed the hungry, rescue the oppressed, and give hope to the hopeless.

Live Generously,
Jesse Tyler
Founder, Take Heart Apparel Co.

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2 replies on “Take Heart 2016 Update

  • Kiersten B.

    Dear Jesse Tyler and Giancarlo Ospina (or to whom it may concern), 
    I know this might seem strange, but I discovered your extraordinary apparel company just today on this wonderful Tuesday and couldn’t help but fall head-over-heels in love with everything about it. It may not come to a surprise to you to hear that what you are doing is not only inspiring beyond belief, but has also moved me into supporting such a wonderful cause! I am but a poor college student and could never do much, but I hope you know that your cause is beautiful and I want to support in anyway I can. In fact, I wanted to start today by purchasing a few of your positively charming patches! As I looked through your nice apparel I came across a patch that reminded me so much of my beautiful twin sister, Rachel. She is someone I believe to be much like you two gentlemen, as she is a very selfless and charity driven person. Seriously, her smile lights up libraries, and she’s actually serving an LDS mission this coming April in Budapest, Hungary! She wants to spread the light of her beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ, much like you two do. Anyway, my point is I found one of your patches that perfectly emulates my dear twin but it seems you are currently out of stock. Of course this  is nothing to freak out over, but I was only curious if there was anyway I could get one soon or know if you will be re-stocking that particular patch shortly? (It is the “Invest in Others” patch) I would love for each of us to keep a patch that reminds us of each other, our goals in serving and loving others, along with sharing the light of Christ–just as you two have. I know on your most current blog post you stated that Take Heart apparel was asleep for a while, but if there is anyway I could get one patch, I would be eternally grateful (much like the little green aliens on Toy Story). I hope you know your testimonies of Jesus Christ are incredible and if nothing becomes of this, I hope you know I feel I’m lucky I was able to stumble across your website today and be forever inspired and uplifted! Good luck on your adventures to inspire and help others (particularly your upcoming bicycle event!)
    Kiersten B.


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