Take Heart Coffee Brewing Guide

We recently began a collaboration with Brick & Mortar Coffee Roasters carrying their Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee, allowing customers to give through their purchase of delicious, premium quality coffee. To make sure each cup is to its full potential, we visited Brick and Mortar to film a brewing guide. While there are many ways to brew a great cup of coffee, we chose to use a Hario V60 for this video.

What You'll Need

Hario V60-02
Hario V60 filter
Gooseneck kettle (we recommend the Hario Buono or Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle)
25.5 grams of coffee (we recommend our Guatemala Huehuetenango Coffee, of course)
Scale (we recommend the AWS-2KG or Acaia Pearl if you can afford it)

Step by Step Instructions

  • Fold edge of Hario V60 #02 Filter & seat in Hario V60 Brewer. Rinse filter with hot water, preheating the brewer & carafe.
  • Grind 25.5 grams of fresh (we recommend less than 3 weeks from roast date), whole bean coffee.
  • Place ground coffee in filter, shake to disperse & level grounds. Dimple the coffee bed. Discard preheating water. Tare scale.
  • Start timer. Carefully pour 40 grams of 202°F water in a small circle to bloom the coffee bed.
  • Allow the coffee bed to bloom (de-gas/saturate) for 30-45 seconds, waiting longer for fresher, more gaseous roasts.
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