Take Heart: A Farewell

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Take Heart is a special brand. But what makes it special isn’t the products we’ve made, it’s the effect we’ve had. The most straightforward way to measure this effect would be how much we’ve given. Through purchases over the past four years, we’ve given thousands of dollars to missions-based organizations around the world. We may not be able to measure it now, but it’s my greatest joy to know that Take Heart helped to see souls saved and people reached for the Kingdom.

Beyond that, I’m moved by the effect Take Heart has had on people like you. It’s one thing to sell a t-shirt and give a few dollars, but how much greater is it when someone is inspired to do something of their own to give to a cause that’s special to them? I believe that this multiplication effect makes the impact of Take Heart immeasurable.

When I look at my life today, nearly everything good in it can be connected to Take Heart. I ended up in a city I love, got a job that opened up countless possibilities, met my best friend, made valuable connections, and learned more than any school could have taught me. But it would be a mistake to say that all of this was because I started a t-shirt company. It happened because I was obedient to where I felt God was leading, and I made sacrifices to practice generosity. I learned that generosity stands outside of economics. Through Take Heart, I learned that when you give, there is always enough, and there is always more than you could imagine.

I’ve always held Take Heart with loose hands. I love Take Heart for what it is, but it has always been a means to an end. Almost four years ago, I started Take Heart for the sole purpose of giving and inspiring others to give. I’ve always said I will continue with Take Heart until I have a better way of doing that. But I’ll admit, it is so hard to know the right time to let go of something good for something better. After a lot of thought and prayer, I’ve concluded now is that time.

As we bring Take Heart Apparel Co. to its end, I think it’s important to thank those who brought it to where it’s come. There are countless people whose involvement kept Take Heart afloat and propelled it forward. Tom Pottiger , thank you for the dozens of hours you poured into Take Heart at its most formative stages. Jonathan Ogden and Bianca Cash, thank you for donating your designs when Take Heart had nothing to show for itself. Joshua Noom and Garrett DeRossett, one of my favorite parts of Take Heart was commissioning designs from such talented artist as yourselves. Your skills helped transform lives around the world. Big shout out to those who bought our first tee and didn’t ask for a refund when it shrunk a full size in the wash. Thank you to my family, who never stopped encouraging me or buying our products. Mom, thanks for letting me steal one of your photos for our first tee. Chris, thank you for giving Take Heart its first loan and letting me work it off by selling used electronics out of your garage. Lauren, you gave in faith to Take Heart when you knew so little about me or about Take Heart. Your gift was multiplied through all that you made possible with your donation. Brad Thomas & The Bacon Family, thank you for all the times you let us set up a table without question at Gallery Sounds shows. Thank you to all of my friends who volunteered to model our clothes in dozens of shoots. You all looked beautiful. Joseph Bulger, your photography elevated Take Heart like no other factor and the way you generously gave your time and skills meant so much. And finally, a huge thank you to Giancarlo, Take Heart’s co-owner and my best friend. When you said yes to become my partner in Take Heart, so much changed. No one has bought into the vision of Take Heart more than you. Every dollar we’ve been able to give has your name on it. I thank God for your friendship and encouragement. There’s no way for me to include everyone, but know that if you did something as simple as buying a tee or slapping a sticker on the back of your car, you made a difference, and I thank you for it.

So what now? Well, first of all, we have some merch sell and we want to go out with a bang. From now until we sell our very last item, 100% from every purchase will go to the cause of your choice. We’ve also added a seventh giving option – Ride for Korah. This is where Giancarlo and I are focusing our time and efforts now. We are cycling across America this summer to provide a hand up for women in Korah, Ethiopia. In just three short months of cycling, we hope to raise more money than Take Heart gave in its four years. When you choose Ride for Korah as your giving option, your money will go to help to give leper women the chance to learn a trade and begin to provide for themselves and their families.

While it’s sad to end something as close to my heart as Take Heart, there is joy in what it means. It’s goal and vision lives on in whatever we do next and in what it encourages you to do yourself. If Take Heart has inspired you in any way, comment and let us know. If you have an idea, but don’t know how to make it happen or want some advice, feel free to send us an email. We want to encourage you however we can.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33

Live Generously,
Jesse Tyler
Founder – Take Heart Apparel Co.

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