Two Year Anniversary Reprint: Take Notice.

Take Notice Anniversary Reprint


It’s hard to believe that it has already been two years since Take Heart began. Since June of 2012, we’ve been able to give thousands of dollars to organizations actively sharing the gospel around the world. We can’t say thank you enough to all of those who have joined this cause by buying tees and giving. To celebrate the occasion, we’ve brought back the original Take Heart tee, the one that started it all. There were thirty ordered in our first batch and thirty in this limited run, as well.


I was looking through old family photos one day when I found a book full of photos that my Mom had taken when she was touring Europe in college. Shot with an old 35mm Minolta camera and naturally faded from years of storage, each one was beautiful and full of history and life. This one stood out to me, though. It was shot in 1979 and featured a Greenpeace activist group marching down a street in Sweden. I uploaded the photo to my computer and threw the words “Take Notice. Take Heart.” beneath it in Photoshop. I showed a few friends and they all thought it would it make a cool shirt. There was no business plan, no money, no experience in creating t-shirts. I found a local screenprinter, borrowed some money from my brother (Thanks, Chris!) and got them printed on the cheapest t-shirts money could buy. Friends and family bought them and nearly no one who bought that first tee still wears it because it shrunk so badly (don’t worry, these are on great quality tees). $5 from each sale went to Speed the Light, and the rest was invested in buying a second batch of shirts. Just like that, Take Heart Apparel Co. was born. Two years later, I’m continually amazed and humbled by the way that Take Heart continues to be blessed and grow and this tee is such an amazing reminder of how far we’ve come and the many great things that are yet to be seen.

Live Generously,

Jesse Tyler

Founder- Take Heart Apparel Co.

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