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Every Tuesday, we highlight entrepreneurs and leaders that are not only making a name for themselves, but are also showing generosity in unique ways. The individuals we choose are ones that have inspired us to continue doing what we love and are shining examples of what Take Heart Apparel Co. stands for as an organization. These individuals have shown the ability to be enterprising and generous and are not only changing the lives of those around them, but even of those all across the world. They are community leaders and world changers.

This week, our Tuesday Spotlight features our good friend, Bobbie McDaniel. Within the past few months, Bobbie has become a great source of fresh vision and encouragement for Take Heart and our team. Blessed with a huge heart for people and a desire to take action, he is always thinking of new ways to push people towards making a difference using their gifts and abilities. For that reason, we are honored to be able to share more about Bobbie and what he is doing!

Photo by Andrew Edwards

You are currently a student in Evangel University’s Social Enterprise program. What first made you want to go into this field of study?

I was intrigued by the uniqueness of the program and felt like it could better equip me to understand the nonprofit community and find ways to make an elevated difference in society by locally and internationally.

What are some initiative and events you have done within the EU community?

In April of 2013, I created an event on campus called Be The Link. This was an initiative to raise awareness about a campaign that Feet That Move was involved in a give a students on Evangel’s campus an avenue to get involved and hear about global missions. Coming this April, there will be another event on Evangel’s campus called Radicle. Different for-purpose business organizational leaders will be coming together for a night of empowering young people. During the evening, leaders of each organization will address how they’ve utilized their skill sets and passions to meet radical needs in society. They will provide the audience with a clear understanding as to how to go from envisioning change to creating change from a faith-based perspective. The different organizational leaders will come from Feet That Move, Take Heart Apparel, and Eurasia Café.

You recently did some work with an organization called Feet That Move. What does Feet That Move do?

Feet That Move aims to touch lives through providing quality anti-microbial shoes to people in developing countries, change lives by boldly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through initiating a personal interaction and in country partnerships, and enrich lives by engaging the upcoming generation to use their unique gifts to further God’s kingdom.

How did you first get involved with Feet That Move?

I met Dustin Sandoval, the founder of Feet That Move during the summer of my sophomore year. While visiting my girlfriend in Oklahoma City, Dustin came along on a family 4th of July trip. He has been a lifelong friend of my girlfriends’ family. Dustin mentioned he went to Liberty University and recently switched his major to international business. While talking more with him, he inspired and instilled a passion in me to figure out how I could positively affect people’s lives for the better and make true differences. I eventually switched my major from marketing to nonprofit business and social entrepreneurship. This switch then led me to intern with Feet That Move and travel with them to El Salvador.

What is the experience that comes with a Feet That Move short-term trip?

By going on a Feet That Move short-term trip, you will experience new ways to boldly interact with people and share the gospel. Individuals that go on a trip will be involved in washing the feet of the people in-country that will be receiving shoes and then find their shoe size based on a sizing foot chart. The shoes that we provide to people range from infant sizes to large adult sizes. This whole process then becomes an invitation to come and see a showing of The Jesus Film, which will show the story of Jesus in the native language of the location we are visiting.

How can people learn more or get involved at Feet That Move?

To understand a base knowledge of Feet That Move does, I would suggest visiting their website at www.FeetThatMove.org or looking into different social media sites by searching Feet That Move. If you want to get involved on a deeper level, I would encourage you to chat with Dustin about upcoming internships and trips! Dustin is on all social media platforms. Also, Dustin will be in Springfield, Missouri on April 4th to speak at a gathering named Radicle. This event will be at 7 p.m. in the Evangel University Chapel and will encourage students to be rooted in their passions so that they can inspire change through their service. Dustin will specifically speak about his journey into what God has called him to do through Feet That Move.

What are your ambitions and plans for the coming years?

I have a passion to find an organization in Oklahoma City that I can help make a difference in. I want to become a helpful hand in assisting them fulfill their mission to the fullest.

You’re pretty active on Instagram and that community. How has that affected your day to day life?

Instagram has been more than just a social media photo app for me; it has become an avenue of discovering friendships and becoming challenged to explore new areas of creativity. I enjoy viewing the adventures that people have and looking at how they capture them. Paul Tellefsen, or @Technopaul, has been my mentor both on Instagram and more importantly, in life. I met Paul through a documentary he made called ‘Instagram Is.’ I would encourage you to watch his documentary and discover a different viewpoint on how Instagram can be used.

Who are some people and organizations that inspire you?

  • TOMS and Blake Mycoskie 
  • Charity Water 
  • Judah Smith 
  • Carl Lentz 
  • Chad Veach 
  • Kevin Durant 

What would you say to people who are looking to get involved in the worlds of charity and social enterprise?

I would encourage research and reading. Take time to discover your personal views and passions in the nonprofit and for-purpose business world. Be bold. Be adventurous. Take risks. Believe in your passions and always keep a learning mindset.

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