Tuesday Spotlight: Sein Kwon

Sein Kwon

Every Tuesday, we highlight entrepreneurs and leaders that are not only making a name for themselves, but are also showing generosity in unique ways. The individuals we choose are ones that have inspired us to continue doing what we love and are shining examples of what Take Heart Apparel Co. stands for as an organization. These individuals have shown the ability to be enterprising and generous and are not only changing the lives of those around them, but even of those all across the world. They are community leaders and world changers.

This week, we’re excited to share about our good friend, Sein Kwon. Sein is the last person to request to be put in any sort of spotlight, but we chose to feature her because her creativity, grace, and humility inspire us. We hope you will be encouraged and inspired by her, as well. While many times the praise and applause is given to those who start organizations or speak on platforms, Sein works tirelessly to serve others while maintaining great humility. For anyone looking to give more or raise funds for a cause, Sein is a perfect example, in both action and attitude.

You recently returned from a short trip to Italy. What brought you there?

I am part of a music team called Heartsong from my college, Evangel University. We went on a mission trip to reach hearts in Italy and share the gospel

That is great! Tell us about a favorite experience from that trip.

One of my favorite experiences from this trip was experiencing God in a different worship style. People in Rome had a relationship with God that was not affected by music. It was so cool to see when the pastor asked the congregation to pray; they immediately started to communicate to God with any background music. It’s so powerful to see people having real heart to heart relationships with The Lord with simply words. Living in this 21st century, seems like music is what brings us into prayer. With no music, it seems like the awkward smoke starts to conquer us and we don’t even know how to open our mouth to start a conversation with our Father. Just seeing people not being affected by any smooth “holy” music, THAT challenged me to talk to God in silence- just like the days of Jesus.

To fundraise for this trip, you had some creative methods. What were some of the fundraising initiatives that you started?

When I heard that I had to raise $2500, my heart said it’s impossible. At that time I was already trying to figure out how to pay my tuition for my last semester and other payments- it was impossible for me to go anywhere. I had to ask God if I really had to go on this trip. I had to pray and see what would please God. I had to have faith. It was around Christmas time that I realized I needed a new calendar. For some reason I wanted to make my own. So I started going through my own images to make this happen but all I had was portraits. I started to roll through Instagram and it clicked for me. I have met so many Christ followers through Instagram and I felt that this calendar would mean so much if they teamed up with me and we used it as a tool to fundraise for this trip. Every person I asked to donate a picture blessed me with an image and a commitment to prayer. It was so incredible to know that people from 8 different states and Canada were praying for this mission trip.

Seinbox- Calendar

Above: This is the calendar that was sold at Sein’s blog, seinbox.com, to raise funds. This project had photos donated from Beth Beeson (@bethbeeson), Michael Dameron (michaeldameron), Shawn Thompson (@srt4shawn), Andrew Edwards (@andrewedwrds), Sarah Thomas (@floralmountains), Erika Spitler (@spitlerika), Adriana Sink (@adrianasinke), Alex Monacella (@whatafox), Nathan Stracke (@nathanstracke), Hunter Airheart (@hunterairheart), Filmore Bouldes (@filmorebouldes), and Brenton Clarke Little (@brenton_clarke)
Prior to this trip, what were some events or things you did to give to missions or raise money for projects?

Heartsong visited many churches throughout the semester and people from those churches blessed us as we prepared. As stated earlier, one of the largest projects was the 2014 calendar. I also hosted a house show at my friend Ellie’s house where we charged a small amount at the door and some talented friends performed. There were also lots of photography sessions.

You finish school this year. What is next for you?

I will be graduating this May! I will be heading to St. Louis to team with the Dream Center there.

What will you be doing there?

I’ll be reaching out to homeless and children around the town. We will do outreaches that will provide food and clothing for them. I’ll also be helping them to photograph all the volunteers who came to help out and feature their genuine hearts for people

What are some of your dreams and goals for the future?

I have many dreams but one goal in life. That goal is to live to remember His name, not mine. That makes everything so much more interesting because I’m working for an unlimited God, meaning I can basically do all different things! I’m not saying that I’m good at all things. There’s no way! But with God, I have no limit. So if I have an open heart, I can go beyond my ability and my dream. And that’s fun haha!

Are there any organizations and people that inspire you?

I get inspiration from humble hearts. People who gives spotlights to others to shine. People who listen and cheer for others. People who choose God over pleasing humans’ eyes. People who believe in prayer and take heart to please God’s eyes.

What would you say to someone who wants to begin giving more or raise funds for missions?

If you are already a person who loves giving, I’m sure you found the joy in giving. Give what you can give. Your blessing will not only bless others but will bless you more.

You can keep up to date with happenings in Sein’s life as well as her fantastic photography at her blog, seinbox.com.

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